Active Listings

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228B Tower

Price: 600

The house is the home of houses

The House

Price: 99

Six adjacent towers made for office spaces.

Delanoix Towers

Price: 900

A housing project made in the late 90s. Can house 30 families and has common areas on the ground floor.

Rola Apartments

Price: 74

A shopping mall with lovely architectural design

Blue Cheese Mall

Price: 1

An office building situated downtown. Near restaurants and shopping boutiques.

Zeller Building

Price: 1

A condominium tower right in the middle of the city.

Kudinov Residences

Price: 1

A huge mansion that is situated beside a river. Surrounded by orchards and hedge gardens.

River Run Palace

Price: 1

An ancient estate of an old family.

Broch Tuarach

Price: 1

Residential towers

Todd Towers

Price: 1